The Organic Gardening Catalogue
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SEEDBALL Butterfly Mix
SEEDBALL Butterfly Mix
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The Organic Gardening Catalogue brings you an exciting collection of seeds and supplies, all assured suitable for organic gardening and delivered direct to your home.

Vegetable Seeds, Herb Seeds, Flower Seeds, Green Manure Seeds, Organic Seeds, Vegetable Plants, Apple Trees, Strawberry Plants, Asparagus Crowns, Organic Compost, Compost Bins, Organic Fertiliser, Organic Pest Control, Sprouting Seeds, Pest Barriers, SM3 Seaweed Extract, Biological pest control, Nemaslug, and much more.

The Organic Gardening Catalogue

Heritage House, 52-54 Hamm Moor Lane, Addlestone, Surrey KT15 2SF


PERLITE (10 Litre)
PERLITE (10 Litre)
Top Products
  1. GARLIC Vallelado (150g)
  2. ONION SETS Autumn Planting Radar
  3. ONION SETS Autumn Planting Comred (50 onions)
  4. BROAD BEAN Super Aquadulce
  5. GARLIC Vallelado (450g)
  6. GARLIC Red Duke (150g)
  7. BROAD BEAN Super Aquadulce SMALL
  8. PEA Meteor
  9. CLAYTONIA Winter Purslane
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