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POTATO Desiree 2.5kg
POTATO Desiree 2.5kg
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SLUG COLLARS (3 collars)

SLUG COLLARS (3 collars)
An effective and reliable slug barrier that protects selected plants from slug and snail attack. Works in both wet and dry conditions and can be re-used many times. The collars are placed over growing plants and pushed 4cm into the soil.

Best used in conjunction with other controls. Diameter 22.5cm.

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30-May-2014 Patricia Krasborg

I have been using these collars for several years now and I don't know why because they make no difference. The plants get eaten anyway.

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NEMASLUG - 1 x  40 sqm, 6 Weeks Cover - Spring 2015
NEMASLUG - 1 x 40 sqm, 6 Weeks Cover - Spring 2015
SLUG COLLARS (9 collars)
SLUG COLLARS (9 collars)
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